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Thailand Culture information website brings info on Thailand as a country, Bangkok, Ayuddhya, Sukhothai, and many other cities of interest in Thailand. Thai, Thailand information website ‘s main focus starts with Bangkok, the current capital of Thailand. We will examine the lives of Thai people in Bangkok as well as providing information about where to go in Bangkok, Thailand, what to see in Bangkok, and many other aspects of living and visiting Bangkok, Thailand.

The main language in Thailand is Thai. Thai is a complicated language since if you don’t say it right, you can be appear completely rude. Most people in Thailand are Thai, although there are still some Chinese – Thai citizens in Thailand. There are few of other nationalities in Thailand. The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism. Although, a small portion of the population in Thailand and very few Thais do believe in Christianity as well as other religions.

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Ko SiChang

If you visiting Bangkok and wanted a nice day trip somewhere with good, non-polluted air, try visiting Ko SiChang. You don’t even have to stay overnight because it’s not very far from the center of Bangkok. It is probably just a little over an hour drive depending on where you leave from in Bangkok. But, because it’s an island, you have to take a boat there. Ko SiChang is a district of the nearby province called Chonburi. It consists of this island and a few other islands. Ko SiChang is located in the Gulf of Thailand. A few kings in the past came to Ko SiChang island for their rest. You can breathe easily because the air on this island is very fresh and nice. King Rama V even started the construction of a royal summer palace. His son was born on this island. However they abandoned it in 1893 after the French occupied the island doing a conflict with Thailand over the control of Laos. It is unfortunate for Ko SiChang that in 1900, the palace was torn down and reassembled in Bangkok. In Bangkok, its known as Vimanmek Palace and you can visit it. Lots of tourists visit this palace yearly. You can somewhat see the remnants of this palace on Ko SiChang. Don’t expect to see anything grand though.

Ko SiChang Island is about an hour boat ride from Sriracha City and a few other places such as Koh Loi. There are a few places you can catch a boat to Ko SiChang. There are different kinds of boats going to Ko SiChang, some are very basic, without air-conditioning and some have air conditioning. Of course, there are many more boats going there without air-conditioning and they’re cheaper than ones with air conditioning. If you only want to catch a boat with that conditioning to Ko SiChang, make sure you know in advance what times your boat leaves or you might miss it.

There are many things to see on this little island. The island has five major beaches. They are pretty clean and well-maintained and you’ll see quite a few people relaxing on the beaches. You can usually find benches all around. Once you arrive on the island, you’ll find lots of motorbike rentals. You can walk to some attractions but if you want to see the whole island in an afternoon, try renting a motorbike or ride public transportation. You can also hire tour guides with transportation right there as soon as you get off the boat. Tuk tuks are common.

If you’re interested in temples, they have some interesting ones. People are friendly on Ko SiChang. They’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction whatever you want to see. If you want to stay overnight, you will not find five-star hotels unfortunately but they have cute bungalows that you can stay in. It’s peaceful and beautiful there.

Koh SiChang

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