Culture And Values in Thailand

There are many interesting culture and values in Thailand. Many culture and values in Thailand that Thai People hold dear are sometimes difficult to understand by outsiders. However, Thai People often feel very strongly about those culture and values in Thailand that if you happen to disrespect them, Thai People will get very upset. Thai People have sensitive feelings towards particular culture and values in Thailand.

Respect and love the King

The King of Thailand, the Queen and most of his family is very loved and respected by all Thai People. The King of Thailand has done so much for Thai People in Bangkok and even ore so in the Thai countryside such as Chiangmai. Everyone loves the King and if you happen to say bad things about the King of Thailand, the chances are that every Thai will be against you. So, never make a joke about the King unless it’s a good joke and not at the King or the Thai Royal family ‘s expense. Thai People are very proud of their King.

Respect Buddhism’ values

Since most Thai People are Buddhists, most of the things Thai People do are influenced by Buddhism. Although most Thai People are not religious as in they rarely go to the temples (not like Christians go to churches) they still don’t want anyone saying bad things about their religion. You have to be an insider and a Thai Buddhist yourself to say negative things about Buddhism in Thailand or Thai people will frown upon what you say. Thai people are not religious at all so don’t try to convert them, it will not go well.

Also, Thai people are quite superstitious so they will pray and do a lot of things that are scientifically unproven just because they don’t know it’s easier to do them rather than not (go with the flow). They won’t appreciate if their beliefs are challenged or questioned even if it’s only in a joking way.

Culture and Values in Thailand

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