What Language Do Thailand Speak

What Language do people speak in Thailand?

The national language of Thailand is Thai. In Bangkok, people speak the central Thai Language or just Thai but in the countryside, you will hear dialects. For example, if you are in Chiangmai, you will hear people speak the Northern Thai dialect which people in Bangkok could try to make out the words but not very easily. However, people in the North or South where dialects are more prominent would have learned the central Thai Language at school and usually can speak both their own dialect and the central Thai Language.

Is the Thai Language similar to Chinese language?

No. Although there are many Chinese settlers in Thailand and many Thai People are Chinese descended, the Thai Language is not similar to Chinese. Chinese language has characters whereas Thai Language has alphabets. There are a few Thai words, very very few though, that are similar to Chinese words.

Is the Thai Language similar to Japanese language?
What Language do Thailand Speak Not at all either, Japanese language is similar to Chinese language and nothing like the Thai Language. However some words may have been adopted from Japanese movies and used in the Thai Language. Most Thai children grow up watching Japanese cartoon and anime series and it won’t be surprising if some of the Japanese words make their way to the Thai Language.
Is the Thai language similar to Indian language?

Because of the influence of Buddhism, some of the words in the Thai language comes from Bali and Sanskrit languages.

However, overall, the Thai language is unique in the world. It is similar to Laotian language, however. So, if someone is speaking Laotian, a Thai person can probably make out what they are saying and vice verse.

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