How to Say Thank You in Thai

How to say thank you in Thai Language?

Saying thank you in Thai is easy because Thai People often say it. However you have to pay attention to whom you say thank you to and be humble when saying it.

Khob Khun

Khob Khun means thank you in Thai. It is the most universal way to say Thank You in Thai. However to make it more polite, you often say one of the two:

Khob Khun Ka – if you are a female (formal and polite)

Khob Khun Krup – if you are a male (formal and polite)

There are also other variations of how to say Thank You in Thai such as the following ways. Sometimes you can just say Khob Khun if you are saying it to someone who has less status than yourself.

Other ways of how to say thank you in Thai

Khob Khun Na = Thank you (informal, for friends)

Khob Khun Maak = Thank you very much (informal but means you really thank the person)

Khob Jai

Khob Jai is a little different from Khob Khun because Jai means Heart so Khob Jai means Thank you for your kindness. For example, when someone does something nice to you out of thier own kindness, you can say Khob Jai Na, Khob Jai Ka or Khob Jai Krub. However, Khob Jai is no where near as formal as Khob Khun so you would never say Khob Jai to someone older than you or someone of higher status than you.

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